About Us

For nearly a decade, Snipro Limited has provided niche customized solutions across multiple sectors in Bangladesh. These include, not but limited to, engineering consultancy and design, power generation, LPG bulk supply, MBOP of power (generation) plant components (erection and fabrication), commodity trading, steel, petrochemical items, software development, ITES and procurement services for defence and other infrastructure contracts.

Located in Dhaka’s diplomatic area, Snipro strives to understand the clients’ needs be it the government or private sector and tailor make a solution that is price competitive.

Snipro put’s the client’s needs in the forefront, deeply understanding the client’s business and delivering and optimizing IT solutions from the initial phase of scoping the requirements, up to the final delivery, maintenance and continuous up gradation of the system.

Whether it’s developing an entire system from scratch or giving an existing one a total uplift, we build works-of-art! We are committed to deliver versatile solution web based software development services with full customer contentment. We give a true value to your project & your investment with the execution of enterprise-class code creation, theming & integration services.Our solutions are laden with amazing agility and customization capabilities which give your business more room for expansion. Our teams of experts have in-depth knowledge of various industry platforms that can not only give a new look to your business, but also fuel it to move with amazing pace in the today’s cutthroat competition.

We have successfully conducted a number of projects under the guidance of foreign counterparts allowing transfer of technology & resulting in development of local expertise, thus transforming as a company from a technical assistance team to systems and networking integration team.

Snipro engineers provide design and consultancy services for all types of structures including industrial plants, warehouses as well as residential and commercial facilities. Our engineers follow through the entire construction process to ensure that the project is completed per industry standards, codes and with the materials and methods required. . The size of these projects ranged from very small consulting jobs to large contracts. These projects have been performed for clients ranging from the government, major corporations to small manufacturing companies. Our target is to become the first full-fledged EPC contractor turn-key.

The team is composed by specialists with years of experience in the power generation sector. Working jointly with a group of top graded engineers and top level consultants for all key specialties of power generation.  Our services include the full range of technologies meeting the requirements of our clients in Bangladesh. We work with our customers to develop smart solutions across all project phases from plant conception to commissioning.

Snipro is making its mark as a bulk supplier of multiple items including steel, petrochemical, CDSO and olein to corporate customers & wholesale market