Our Businesses

  1. Engineering services: Our team of engineers provide design and consultancy services for all types of structures including industrial plants, warehouses as well as residential and commercial facilities. This includes insulation, air condition, generator, substation, boiler, firefighting system and comprehensive surveillance. Our engineers follow through the entire construction process to ensure that the project is completed per industry standards, codes and with the materials and method required.


  1. Steel constructions and PEB supplier: Our team excels in the execution of erection storage tanks, engine halls, ducts, piping solution, plant site maintenance and turnkey projects.  The team has earned its place in today’s competitive market through consistent delivery of superior services and quality end products. The individualized care and unwavering attention that we bring to all our projects are deciding factors in why our clients continuously choose us. We are very proud of how we work and our safety track record.


  1. IT solution provider and mobile app development: As an SI we offer complete solution including consulting, software & systems development, web based solution, modular ERP, e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO), content management system (CMS), end user training and other IT related services. Reseller and local implementation partner of infrastructure management, service management & IoT management tools.


  1. LPG aggregator: aspiring to be the first aggregator of LPG across the country. Serve this sector with excellence in delivering value and a high quality service, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers.


  1. Supplier and integrator of smart city component: smart connections in a city is being about connected, access to info & technology that meets the needs of its citizens by providing necessary connections. In terms of transportation – ensuring adequate access & means of transportation whether it is through well planned bus route, installation of bicycle lanes or the provision & maintenance of bike trails. Online access for mobile technology & access to the internet through Wi-Fi or public computer space and the prerequisite to ensure broadband availability for local business to compete globally at affordable rates. Community to ensure inclusion of all citizens by providing opportunities to get involved become part of the fabric of the community.
  2. Commodities: The Company is currently doing business with giant corporate players in Bangladesh who are the major contributors in the economy and commodity market. Snipro Limited is acting as the Bangladeshi representative of some of the world’s prominent multinational companies in commodity trading.
  3. Petrochemical supplier: bulk petrochemical supplier to corporate customers and serves the open wholesale market.
  4. Lubricants: Supplier of premium lubricants for industrial usage and mainly for power plants (212 MW).
  5. Security surveillance: trusted name in providing comprehensive security surveillance.